What are Removable Braces

What are Removal Braces (Aligners)?

What are Removal Braces? Well, if your teeth alignment needs to be restructured and if this is creating a sense of nervousness or consciousness while smiling or talking. Get it fixed with effective and advanced treatment. 

Knowing that this advanced way of teeth straightening is the ultimate solution without a doubt, without a hassle. Let’s understand why and how many people are switching toward these aligners. Let’s learn how it has made all the difference.

Removable Braces

What are Removable Braces?

Removable braces are the invisible Aligners that have recently gained popularity. Dentists or orthodontists provide this to the patients who have been looking for ultimate solutions for the straightening of the teeth, making each tooth equally aligned. 

Many have opted for removable braces instead of traditional wired braces. It is a transparent, comfortable and easily removable set of straight teeth or a clear removable tray that through a gentle force shapes and structures the teeth. 

Uses of Removable Braces

Uses of Removable Braces

Clear aligners have recently come into use. These aligners come along with a vast number of uses that are all noteworthy. The uses of Invisible Aligners are as followed

  • Aligning the teeth The very first use is the major purpose it has been introduced to fulfil. This is, straight aligning the teeth in a much more comfortable manner. 

Due to it being transparent, it doesn’t look odd in appearance. One can wear it with complete confidence of finding their teeth look aligned. 

  • Easy cleansing Next, removable braces are designed in such a way and are made up of a special material, keeping in mind that it essentially requires regular cleaning. 

Also, that one can easily remove it, clean it, clean or do teeth flossing and as quickly can place it back in the teeth. 

  • Improved oral hygiene A better overall hygiene comes when a person’s mind and body are healthy, aligned and balanced. Since, everything that we eat, we eat with the help of teeth and it travels through the mouth. 

It goes into our body and prepares our body to fight any disease. The teeth and surrounding areas must be always clean. Invisible aligners do the invisible magic by improving oral hygiene.

  • Easy to remove One of the amazing qualities these new and advanced sets of braces hold is its quality of ease to remove and place back whenever needed. This purpose served is unique. 

Sometimes, whenever you want a quick breath while putting out your braces for a while, with these invisible aligners, you can quickly pop out and put them back without experiencing pain or hassle.

  • Quick treatment When compared to other braces that have been used till now, the advanced aligners take lesser treatment time, keeping the quality and result of the treatment as premium as possible.
  • Smile enhancement Most people are advised for teeth alignment or go for it by themselves because it helps them to have a better, bright and long-lasting smile.
  • Say goodbye to teeth gaps These aligners, along with straightening the teeth, ensure to cover unexpected and unwanted teeth gaps. The outcome of using these aligners is remarkable and has won hearts with positive results.

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Types of Braces

Types of Braces for Teeth

One can split the types of braces in two significant ways. Where one is the traditional, already offered to the patients 

  • Permanent braces For the permanent type of braces often used are the wired or metal braces. These braces are durable for a long time and are put on all the time. On one side, it served the same purpose as aligners but has its unique differences. 

These are the traditional braces, one carries them while eating food, sleeping and all. the other time. 

  • Removable braces (Aligners) The aligners are the new and advanced set of invisible teeth which has the excellent quality of keeping oral hygiene a time priority. It’s easy to remove properties to ensure proper cleaning around the teeth. 

How do Removable Braces Work?

The procedure followed by the orthodontist in other to bring your unaligned teeth to a properly shaped and aligned as well as straightened structure is done by a simple step-by-step process. The process is explained here. 

  • Step 1 Firstly, the dentist will understand and thoroughly examine the natural shaping and structure of the patient’s teeth. Thus, post-examining will provide a proper layout of the process.
  • Step 2 Now, next is the preparation of teeth mold structure or through the scanning of the teeth, the dentist will provide an invisible set of customised teeth. These plastic tooth sets are made up of a special substance.
  • Step 3 Thus, for proper shaping and all the teeth aligning together, these aligners, the dentist will attach to the teeth. This, with gradual and gentle pressure, through the natural teeth, brings them into a straight line, aligned.

Benefits of Removable Braces?

Benefits of Removal Braces

New advancements are the improved version of braces. Thus, knowing the benefits ensures having a fulfilled use of the aligners.

  • Dental health improvement When looking for overall improvement of your dental condition or to protect it from getting affected in the future, get the aligners to align your teeth in a definite and desired structure. 
  • Easy to remove and comfy These braces are ideally, quick to be removed, cleaned and put back with no trouble faced. 
  • Teeth straightening One of the primary tasks of aligners is to straighten the teeth and enhance the overall appearance. 
  • Low risk of dental treatments Through the aligners support, one has to visit less to the dentist or experience low pain. 
  • Lesser visits to the dentist When choosing aligners, an advantageous benefit is less number of dental visits. Its ability to protect the teeth through regular cleansing is helpful.
  • Covers teeth gaps If the teeth are in regular alignment to fill the uneven or odd gaps between teeth. Invisible aligners are the most effective choice. 

Removable Braces for Kids and Adults

Removable Braces for Kid

Gladly, these removable braces or Invisible Aligners are now common in both kids and adults. It is as effective and used for different age groups. Its popularity encouraged the developers to explore it for various age groups and it did wonders already for many people.

How Much do Removable Braces Cost?

The removable braces or the advanced teeth aligners have become widely used and popularised. The cost of teeth aligners ranges from 25,000 Rs to 80,000 INR. This is generally the cost found of good quality and durable teeth aligners in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Removable Braces

What happens when braces are Removed?

Braces, when removed, the patient for a short time or maximum for a day normally might experience a little sore mouth, little oddness while speaking, feel a bit dried mouth due to cement pieces stuck or some amount of temporary pain in the area. Though, these reactions to the procedure are temporary and go away eventually. 

Q. Does removing braces feel good?

Not immediately but certainly eventually. For some amount of time, the removal of braces might feel odd, empty and -mouthed, sore taste, and difficult while speaking. Once the mouth has adjusted back to without braces, it will be alright. This is the case with longer durable braces. Whereas, in the case of removable braces, they feel comparatively normal post removing.

Q. How long does braces removal last?

The braces removal depends on the amount and the way you take care of your teeth post removal of the braces. If the post-care has been taken properly, it can result in redoing the whole treatment again.

Q. Does removing braces hurt?

No, removable braces, as not permanent braces, give no pain while it is removed. Removable braces are quickly removed and are a safe set of removable aligners.
Though, some braces are made for a long-lasting purpose, when removed can give a slight discomforting experience at first. But, eventually, the pain completely vanishes away. 
Thus, the braces with the properties of being easy to remove and place back, it is normal and once adjusted, become an easy task.

Q. Can I sleep with removable braces?

As far as the experiences of people can tell, sleeping with removable braces is fine and hassle-free. It doesn’t bring any risk or complications. Overnight sleeping while putting them on is comfortable.

Q. Can I eat with removable braces?

Removable braces are meant to be removed especially while eating food. These braces don’t support or work properly while having meals. 
This way, the aligners often stay clean and don’t get affected due to eating or drinking multiple times a day. It keeps the mouth fresh and healthy. 

Q. Will my lips get smaller after braces?

Though, braces won’t affect the sizing of the lips. But, one can expect a slight improvement in the shaping of the lips or can experience smile improvement.

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